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United Capital websites are currently under construction as we anxiously approach the launch of our newest endeavor in partnership with Kevin Harrington from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank!


Established in 2002, United Capital was born from the realization that most small businesses are unaware of the factors affecting the valuation of their businesses. It is important for business owners to realize the decisions they’re making today will impact the value of their businesses down the line. United Capital helps businesses boost their net worth and their owners’ personal balance sheets by strategically addressing critical areas that significantly increase their business’ valuation.

United Capital’s business success scan shows where you stand for available funding, lender compliance, becoming bankable, business credit, local directory rankings, search engine placement, customer star ratings, social media exposure and it provides a comprehensive funding range report. Armed with this information, we help you to address critical issues affecting your business and provide measurable goals all geared toward increasing owner’s earnings and maximizing your business’ value.

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